Name:  Monet

Age 5  /  Height 14.2

Breed:  Thoroughbred/Appaloosa mare

Presenting Case:  3/10th lame noticed bringing mare in from the field. Previously sound and hacking out quietly.

Examination:  Large splint to right forelimb.  Hot to touch and causing mild discomfort


Splint of off fore limb prior to treatment


Treatment:  Cryocuff for the first 72 hours and turned out into small paddock with quiet companion for 8/52. At 72hours commenced Pulse Electromagnetic Flow (PEMF) for 6/52 twice daily.  PEMF is an excellent therapy for splints as it influences the process of bone formation and promotes Osteoblast activity essential for bone healing. Weekly massage performed paying particular attention to shoulders and thoracolumbar region and regular dynamic neck stretches to improve flexibility, balance and strength through the core muscles.. At 8/52 sound commenced gentle in hand marching walk exercise on straight lines, followed by ridden work 15 minutes  marching out, ground poles increasing length of ridden time over 6 weeks.  No reoccurrence of splint so gentle large circle work schooling recommenced..


Post treatment photograph of off forelimb




Name:  Marley

Age: 7

Breed: Thoroughbred/cross gelding

Presenting Case:  Slipped onto both knees on tarmac road.  Quickly got back up but sustained full thickness soft tissue injuries to both knees.  Wounds very well washed out by owner prior to assessment by the Veterinary Surgeon.  Both wounds dressed with Intrasite Gel, gauze, softband and elastoplast to prevent the bandages from rolling down.  Special attention was given to ensure that the Pisiform bone was left exposed to prevent chaffing by cutting the elastoplast bandage around it.  Pulse Electromagnetic Flow (PEMF) commenced 3 times per day to limit excessive swelling through vasoconstriction to the area.  This modality can easily be applied over the bandaged limb.  Prescribed 1 week oral Antibiotics and limited to yard to prevent excessive exercise.


Photograph of initial injuries



 2nd dressing change at 72 hours which showed  well perfused clean wounds as shown below.  Wounds dressed with mepiflex dressings and bandaged as previously described.  Pulse Electromagnetic Flow setting changed to now encourage Vasodilation which will encourage collagen synthesis and wound repair.  Continue to apply PEMF 2 times per day.



3rd dressing change and both wounds remain clean and healthy.  Continue dressing as above. Continue using PEMF 3 times per day.  Allowed turnout in small field with quiet  friend as stressed in yard.



Right knee at 3 weeks of being dressed.  Can now be left exposed and apply Red laser for 3 minutes twice daily.  Red laser acts on the skins surface and promotes superficial vasodilation.  This enhances epithelial growth, collagen synthesis and capillary growth.  Continue to apply PEMF 3 times a day.



Left knee at 3 weeks healing very well.  Continue with laser 3 minutes twice daily until healed.  No application of creams or ointments.



 Right knee at 5 weeks healing very well with no over granulating tissue formation.  The horse has recommenced light work this week and is sound with full flexion of the knee joint.  Minimal formation of scar tissue and adhesions.  Continue with Red laser twice daily until healed



Left knee at 5 weeks now well healed and evidence of hair re-growth