Di has made a marked difference to the way of going and strength of my horse, Blaze. Blaze has never looked or moved so well and as an 18 year old ex-racehorse, I am so pleased with his performance and obvious comfort whilst working. He is currently competing at medium level dressage and the regular treatments from Di enable him to perform at his best.

Kate Pearson, Orchard Farm Livery


Di has been brilliant she's a miracle worker.  I was nearly at the point of giving up on Marley completely as he had been intermittently lame for over a year and there seemed to be no definate way of keeping him sound but Di was so sure she could get him right and she has!  It has been a long journey to build up Marley's wasted shoulder but Di has been helpful, supportive and full of enthusiasm all the way.  She gave me a detailed treatment plan to follow and explained everything in detail as the treatment progressed.  Di really has been in this with me all the way and with her vast knowledge base and perseverance has been invaluable during his rehabilitation.  Thankyou Di for giving me my horse back, can't wait to compete him next season!

Abi Bottomley, Kenn, North Somerset.


I would like to thank you for all you have done for Siyan and for being so kind to us.

Maggie Bromily, Radstock

Having ridden 'Dickie' today he feels a lot more comfortable in his left shoulder following your assessment and treatment.  I will be recommending your physiotherapy service to my friends.

Jo Brewerton, Claverham, North Somerset


Thankyou so much for all you have done for 'Winni'.  You have been so generous with your time and your equipment.  I hope to carry on all the good work with the massage, stretches and pole-work and I hope 'Winni' and I will see you at The Hand in 2012.

Laura Davis, Failand, North Somerset


Thankyou so much for all your help and advice with 'Vic'!   I am extremely grateful to you

Natalie Hall, Failand, North Somerset

Razzy has just returned from being placed 5th in the World Pairs.  She performed really well and was so free moving, so thankyou so so so so much for everything you have done for Raz this year.  I really appreciate your time and kindness so thankyou again.  Raz will be on rest until next season, but please come back as we will need you.  Thankyou so so much again.

April, Tracy and Taff Wilson, Breach Hill Farm, Chew Stoke, North Somerset 

September 2015 Thankyou Di, Indie has just returned from winning the World Pairs. I am so pleased with Indie who was a true superstar and felt amazing to ride.

April, Tracy and Taff Wilson

September 2016

April Wilson and Indie

IMGA European Champions Indviduals, and pairs 2016

IMGA European Champions, and Individuals 2017


Thanks very much Di, both horses jumped really well at the 'Hand Stadium' over New Year. Holly looked really fluent with double clears and Dudley was really impressive again with double clears.

Toby Baker, West End Nailsea


 Thanks very much for you professional advice and treatment with Just Whisper. After many months of her being lame and unable to ride her, it is just amazing to have a sound horse that is even more lively than before her long rehabilitation plan and treatments over the past 9 months.  She is so well I cannot believe it.

Helen Buffin

Thanks Di, We won again with average speed over the 2 days of 14.14, grade 1 and a pulse of 45.  With the speed and low pulse came out on top again.  Amazing pony

Argentina and Rosemary Henderson Endurance rider

Thanks very much to Di for amazing physio. Joe has recovered really well following his Sacroiliac injury, and looking forward to riding again

Lorraine Allison

Ace has just won his in-hand 3-year-old class, followed-up with supreme champion. So pleased with him, he was an absolute star.  A real credit to you and your hard work with him.

Rosie Bradburn

Oakie has just been place 6th in the 100 class (one day event) which is just amazing.  We couldn't have done it without your hard work.  Thankyou Sophie Lawson

Just wanted to update you on Rio.  He is amazing!!   And it's all down to you!! he feels fantastic and has a new lease of life which he makes well known when we are hacking.  We are now aiming for 3 counties show next month and will keep you posted.